Our Story

Willychoo started back in early 2015. Owners and makers Michelle and James are the people who make Willychoo what it is today.

Often people will ask about the name "Willychoo"? The name comes from our lovable fur-babies Wilbur and Chewy.

A good candle is just like a good wine! At Willychoo, we infuse all of our candles before we get them to you.

Unlike most candle company's, Willychoo will never give you a freshly poured candle.

We shelf all of our fresh candles for a time to allow the Pure Soy Wax and premium fragrance oils to infuse together.

Not only do we make the best quality wax products, we also hand make Soaps, Liquid Soaps, Bath Balls, and various body creams.

Whilst we use the latest and best wax and fragrance oils and are continulally improving our products everything is still all hand made.