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Our Story

Founded in 2015 by Michelle and James, Willychoo is an Australian company that was born out of a passion to make exceptional handcrafted products. When we could not find the quality handmade Australian products we sought, we decided to make them instead.  

Since then, we developed our own products ranging from soy candles, home fragrances, natural soaps, body lotions, and rock & resin artworks. Yes, every single product is hand poured and handmade making sure that we give it the love it deserves.

Embracing nature and simplicity, we take inspiration from the beauty of Australia and its rich array of natural resources. Therefore, Willychoo sources local and natural ingredients for sustainability. At the same time, we wanted to harness the unique properties of these quality natural ingredients in order to develop unique and one-of-a-kind handmade products.

Willychoo started out as a home business. We used to have a small workshop were we created our handcrafted products. From our home business, we started to showcase our products in small markets. From there, we built our own pop-up retail stores and our products were stocked in various stores across Australia. Eventually, we moved into a large factory – however, all products are still handmade to this day.

At Willychoo, it is our commitment to develop products that use quality ingredients and to combine that with a timeless design. All products are handled with care and attention. We aim to bring you products that you will love for years to come. For this reason, we continually innovate and create. We want to bring products that you will love to use – whether for yourself or to give to your loved ones as gift.

Whether you’re looking to pamper yourself at home or give a sustainable, handmade gift to a loved one, we invoke the power of Australia’s best ingredients so you can enjoy nature at home, as well as relish in its holistic benefits.



Willychoo! xo